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Fancy Feet

Dreams of a life spent in towering heels, but spends her days in platforms and flats

The streets of Oakland and San Francisco (especially the hills!) are not kind to heels she covets. While consoling herself with regular online shoe shopping, she found the perfect pair of platform sneakers!

They have a great heel! Since this serendipitous discovery, she all but refuses to take the platforms off! That is until she finds the next perfect shoe! A sandal for summer, perhaps?



Is the rural shoeaholic

Who had a feeling of coming home when she found Platform-Tennis-Shoes.com a little more than a year ago.

Galligator’s personal shoe cycle consists of: Window shopping – Real World or Online….Stalking a perfect pair….Finding the style in your size….Hunting for it at a bargain & stalking the sales….Ordering….Waiting patiently for the UPS truck to deliver a small brown package….Trying it on for a test run….SUCCESS.

The cycle repeats, occasionally with less success with the anticlimactic return outcome. But it really is the hunt that is a large part of the enjoyment for this gal.


Jitter Bug Baby

Is a style maven hunting the high streets and alleys of London for the best of the best footwear

That’s chic.  And unique.  And comfortable.  And rain-resistant.  And affordable.  And high quality.  And… well… she’s a picky girl.  But she’ll happily share with you all kinds of knowledge garnered over years of being a shoe devotée.



Went happily about her life of leisure

Until one day she woke up with a painful, debilitating disease which affected her ability to wear normal shoes: plantar fasciitis. Ever since then, her life has been devoted to searching high and low to the PERFECT pair of shoes, which would allow her to walk in comfort without compromising on the sense of style to which she had been accustomed.

Her search, it has been an arduous one, and has required developing special skills and hiring a bunch of bearded astronomers to scope the galaxies in search for the Eternal Essence of the Perfect Shoe, the Ur-Shoe, if you will. The results, imperfect as they are, are often posted on right here.



Is a California transplant to the great shoe-tropolis: Manhattan

In her new life, she is making the transition from her all-stilettos-all-the-time, car-happy past to the platform sneakers, train-based system of her new home.

The mental switch from form over function to a melding of the two has been a tough one (anything over four inches still makes her melt), but she has come a long way, and her podiatrist thanks her for it. Who knew New York could actually be beneficial to health?