We discuss shoe storage a lot, but I want to take a moment express how important it is to properly care for you footwear as well. Consider these helpful shoe care products when caring for your favorite kicks:

  • Protective bags are a must for those who do a lot of traveling. These Travel Shoe Bags come in a set of three, ideal for long trips. These bags not only protect your shoes from dirt, dust and other wear – but they protect clothing and other items in your suitcase from the bottoms of your shoes. It’s a win-win!
  • For the boots in your closet, make sure you’re using shapers. These White Boot Shapers hold your booties upright to eliminate the worry of wearing, bending and creasing. They come in a set of two and are super easy to use.
  • The Cedar Shoemate is also a great shoe care option. These inserts help remove moisture, killing odors and germs. They retain the shape of your shoes and they add the pleasant scent of cedar wood to your footwear.

Stacking Shoe Racks

Stacking Shoe Racks Provide Customized Shoe Storage

Let’s talk about Modular Shoe Racks.  But, first, a definition of “Modular”:  designating or of units of standardized size, design, construction, etc. that can be arranged or fitted together in a variety of ways.  In the furniture and organizing worlds, modular means that you can customize your storage or furniture in some way.

shoe stackFor furniture, you use modular styles to choose the pieces that you need, for example, on entertainment centers, you might only need certain media storage pieces.  And, in storage and organizing, modular means that you can maximize storage, creating a storage rack as large or small as you need it (always paying attention to certain restrictions such as weight limits and tipability).

Modular shoe racks can come in many different forms, from specially designed racks that are sold singly, to bins and boxes that aren’t necessarily shoe racks to begin with.

Here are some great products I’ve found to help you design the right amount of shoe storage for your shoes, some tips on how to use them and where to find them!

Stacking Shoe Racks

This is a great option because these shelves are designed to hold shoes, nothing else.  Choose from simple metal and wire shelves, cedar cubes and more.  A natural finished modular stacking shoe rack is a nice choice as it is both decorative and functional.  Another great choice is a plastic starter kit that comes with six cubbies, and then you can purchase more shelves to add in increments of 3 cubbies at a time – these are very affordable, too.

Other Bins and Boxes

Stacking bins are also a great way to create modular shoe storage.  They are very inexpensive and usually sold in singles or sets of three.  The only drawback?  Since these tend to be larger bins, you may have to do some digging to find the right pair.

Shoe Storage Squared

foldable shoe box

While it can be nice to store shoes in the box they came in, as they help them keep their shape and prevent them from getting scuffed, shoe boxes make it difficult to find the shoes you want. That’s why using a specially designed shoe storage box, with a clear window for viewing the contents, is one of the best ways to keep your shoes looking great.

Foldable Shelf Box

The Foldable Shelf Box with View Window has a convenient design that is easy to store when this box isn’t in use. The front window makes it easy to view both the heel and toe of the shoe, so you can find the perfect pair for any occasion.

Vision Shoe Storage Boxes

Looking to store boots as well? Then the Set of 3 Vision Shoe Storage Boxes is just what you need. Coming in two sizes, one for flats or heels and another for boots, these boxes make it easy to see them all.

If one window isn’t enough for you the Womens Clear Shoe Boxes – Set of 10 has a completely clear design that allows shoes to be seen from every angle.

6 Quart Storage Box

6 Quart Storage shoe boxThe 6 Quart Storage Box also offers see through storage, but with a versatile design that makes this storage bin ideal for storing everything from shoes to craft supplies. These stacking bins are easy to store throughout the house so you can use them anywhere.

What to do with all these storage boxes? If you don’t want to stack them many will fit on a stand shoe rack. With oversized pockets the Ten Pocket Organizer can easily be used to display shoe boxes. Simply slip a shoe box in each pocket for easy access.

Add these specially designed boxes to your shoe storage and transform your closet. Use shoe storage boxes for a few special pairs or all your shoes!