When it comes to storing shoes that you wear in the summer, it is not too difficult of a task. Summer shoes are light and breezy, and do not require a lot of storage space. That makes it incredibly efficient to keep your shoes organized between May and September. However, as the weather starts getting colder and your shoes larger and heavier, something more heavy-duty needs to step up to the shoe storage plate. Winter shoe storage can be solved very simply with just a shoe rack or two in your closet or entryway.

Winter shoes need to protect you from the frigid elements that present themselves between November and March. Therefore, they are quite a bit larger, clunkier and heavier. This can cause some problems if you are not prepared for winter shoe storage. As I mentioned before, it only takes a few steps to ensure your home is totally ready to store all of those boots!

Winter Shoe Storage Solutions

boot tray indoorFirst of all, I would recommend a boot tray for your entryway. When the winter comes around, that usually means a lot of snow or rain. Sometimes you get both. Sometimes you get both at the same time. A boot tray is great for winter shoe storage because it keeps that mud and sludge off of your floors. The Merrick Engineering Boot Tray is a perfect example, as it provides a 28” by 14” surface for your boots, and comes in a set of two.

Now, when it comes to storing your shoes once they are all dried off and cleaned up, you need a shoe rack that can handle a bit of weight. That means skip on the flimsy plastic-framed shoe racks, or the space-saving over the door shoe rack. Storing these substantial winter shoes is going to take a little heft, a bit of floor space.

The Three Tier Mudroom Shoe Rack is the perfect choice when it comes to winter shoe storage. What is great about this shoe rack is that it is made from durable solid wood, and provides three levels of shoe storage. Not only that, but it also includes its own boot tray so you have a place to store additional wet or muddy shoes.

With these two simple solutions, you can revolutionize the way you go about winter shoe storage. Neither of these items is hard to find, and neither is very expensive. So now there is no more excuses for a muddy and disorganized entryway in the winter!

Shoe Travel Storage Accessory = Holiday Convenience

I know it feels like it was just the 4th of July, and today is only Halloween. I cannot believe how fast the last few months have flown by. And wouldn’t you know it; the time to start gearing up for the holidays is imminently approaching us. While some folks have the lucky (or unlucky) situation of living very close to their in-laws and relatives, others need to travel to see their loved ones. During the holidays you are going to need to dress for a variety of situations, so of course you will need a whole variety of footwear to take with you. It is important that you have the proper shoe travel storage accessory to get your shoes to your destination and back safely.

Think of all the different occasions you will need to pack for:

  1.  Perhaps you and your family go on a long winter hike together. Well in that case it will be important to bring your waterproof hiking boots. Nothing is worse in the winter than some soggy socks!
  2. When you open presents in the morning, you probably want to keep your little toes warm. So that means you will probably want to bring your favorite slippers.
  3. And of course, there are the evening cocktail parties. You are going to need to bring your best dress shoes for these events. That way you can finally prove to your mom and aunts that you really have it all together.

travel shoe bagWith this many different types of shoes to wear, you really are going to need a good shoe travel storage accessory. Something that keeps your shoes separated so they do not get all scuffed up. But not only do they need to keep your shoes from ruining each other, they also need to take up as little space as possible. The holidays are already expensive; don’t inflate the costs by brining excessive luggage.

The optimum shoe travel storage accessory for me and my family is the Travel Shoe Bag. I know this isn’t some crazy shoe rack contraption or anything. But just stick your shoes in these bags and then put them carefully in your luggage and you are good to go! Sometimes the perfect shoe travel storage accessory is smaller than you would think!